Behind The Grey The Weekender

Since then, they’ve been rebuilding Behind the Grey, changing tunings to accommodate their new singer and re-recording three fan-favorite songs with him for a brand new self-titled EP that will be released this Saturday, Feb. 15 at the V-Spot in Scranton.”

Rich Howells - The Weekender

“Within a few months, guitarist Will Perna and bassist Brian McDonald founded Behind the Grey, which recently had its first show on Nov. 21 at Diane’s Deli & Internet Café in Pittston, playing to a packed house of about 300 people.”

Rich Howells - The Weekender

On a roll?

“Behind the Grey was voted onto the show when our Best regional band digital collapse was unable to perform. I think everyone could learn a few things with how well Behind the Grey took advantage of the oppurtunity. Those guys came out and blew people away. Not only that but they brought a ton of people out to celebrate the evening with them. I'm told they moved lots of merch and met alot of awesome people. The EP is amazing but to damn short. 3 songs? Damn guys talk about a tease. ha. Cannot wait to hear more from these guys and you will def see them on the stage at a 717 Entertainment show again.”

Nick Meyers - 717 Music Awards Show Review

Behind The Grey lands yet another review

“The Crack Inside” fades in like a swarm of locusts, hitting with a Machine Head-inspired hammer. We soon get the impression that Katchmore’s been holding out on us, with his Jeckyll-and-Hyde lyrical persona switching to aggro mode with the lung-scraping line, “I’ve stopped what you started,” enhancing a track that’s already laced with jagged musical abrasions and some of the darkest metallic imagery this side of Corey Taylor’s psyche. The guitar work is particularly impressive here, as six-stringers Will Perna and Bryan Munley extend several leads with a creative burst, underscoring the musicianship within the ranks.”

Mark Uricheck - The Weekender